Goodbye Renting


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 Goodbye Renting provides some long awaited help for people struggling to get into the housing market. At a time when housing prices have soared, demand for rental premises is at crisis point, when homelessness is on the rise, interest rates keep climbing and first home owners have become disillusioned to the point of giving up … there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Welfare to millionaire mum, Tracy  Harvey, shows how it is possible to get your own home just by getting back to basics. There is no doubt that getting into a first home in the current housing climate is very difficult, but Tracy shows how it can be achieved with a common sense approach and some innovative  suggestions. Buying your first property can be one of the biggest monetary decisions you will ever make, but if you do succeed, it can be one
of the best investments you’ll ever have. This book is the result of personal experience; going from homelessness, transient housing and living on welfare, then working with the homeless and disadvantaged, to the research, perseverance and success of property ownership.



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